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Medical Office Cleaning

Customers, patients and employees expect a clean and sanitary facility when entering a medical office. Anything less than a pristine appearance would indicate a non-sterile medical facility and that’s a deal-breaker for customers needing medical treatment.

Our focus in medical office cleaning is two-fold:
1) Immaculate Attention to Detail. This includes often missed surfaces and areas in medical facilities such as patient weight scales, soap/hand sanitizer dispensers, the bases of equipment like IV stands, and the bases of patient chairs. Our employees are trained to do the little things such as move chairs and garbage cans to sweep and mop underneath them.

2) Proper Application of Disinfectants. We use hospital grade disinfectants to clean floors, restrooms, and some medical rooms that require intensive cleaning. We do not use disinfectants in the office, administrative, or lobby areas because it would do more harm than good.

Heringer Cleaning offers comprehensive cleaning services to medical offices. Our staff can tailor a cleaning program according to your specific requests – whether you need patient chairs dusted weekly or MRI machines disinfected daily, we have a solution that will suit your needs and budget.

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