Deep Cleaning Service

When you don’t use a cleaning service on a regular basis, certain areas may be neglected, either because you simply forget or are in a rush.

Our Deep Cleaning Services option is a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning of your home. Our deep cleaning professionals know exactly where to focus their efforts on, whether it be under your bed or that corner that you haven’t attempted to clean in months. We recommend a deep cleaning if you have not had your home professionally cleaned within the past three (3) months, or if you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis. This in depth cleaning will get your home ‘super’ clean. We recommend a deep cleaning the first visit.

Our Deep Cleaning Service includes everything offered in our Standard Cleaning but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up over time, such as:

  • Ceiling fan blades hand washed (not removed)
  • Light fixtures hand washed (not removed)
  • Mini/Blinds and shutters dusted/vacuumed
  • Moldings and window sills hand washed or wiped
  • Baseboards hand washed or wiped (reachable)
  • Lamp and lampshades dusted or vacuumed
  • Pictures and knick-knacks (hand wiped)
  • Furniture dusted and polished
  • Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed
  • All Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • All interior doors washed
  • Light switch plates wiped
  • Countertops and backsplashes (washed)
  • Mirrors (Windexed all the way to top)
  • Tub / Shower tiles (double scrubbed if build up)
  • Wastebaskets (emptied / washed/relined)
  • Beds made (includes master and additional beds)
  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood washed)
  • Floors (vacuumed and/or mopped includes closets)
  • Vacuum all carpet crevices

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